DAV Public School, SECL Bishrampur

District - Surajpur, Chattisgarh - 497226

Message of the Principal  


“Educate the children and it won’t be necessary to punish the men”


Gone are the days of that saying one size fits for all. This gives us a chance for a good start in our life. How can it be, unless one meets oneself with conviction? The school offers a solid platform where a child discovers himself or herself and stops starving his spirits. We should get enough scope to connect the child with the outside world. To enact, we the teachers and parents should nurture a vision to concentrate on it.

“ started concentrating so hard on my vision that I lost my sight”.-Once said Picasso.

Indeed this is called the right spirit of dedication. There is no question of being baffled. Only thing is to realize our potent muse i.e. our inner child to know our children better. Once this is accomplished then the archaic furniture fallen in the corner of our building of mind will be cleaned out and creativity will instantly fill it. In this way we can help our children to have faces with happiness over spread and confidence brimmed.

I would like to advice my children- observe everything and communicate well. Paint your ideas till it catapults you soaring high. I wish all my children a stupendous success and esteemed parents healthy, prosperous & complete life.




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DAV Public School, SECL Bishrampur 
District - Surajpur, C.G. - 497226

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